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  1. ibrake4oldcars

    1934 Studebaker President Year Ahead Land Cruiser

    Congrats Bob! Great looking car!
  2. I tried to make my reservation for the meet and the block of rooms at at the Best Western with the $129 meet price are all taken. Same for the LaQuinta. I was able to reserve at the Holiday in Express though. Better reserve your room now if you haven't.
  3. ibrake4oldcars

    Fuel sending unit

    Thanks to you both for your reply.
  4. ibrake4oldcars

    Fuel sending unit

    Gary, Definitely a Commander - Model B.
  5. ibrake4oldcars

    Fuel sending unit

    Anyone know how many ohms should be for a 1934 Commander fuel sending unit? Thanks.
  6. ibrake4oldcars

    37 Coupe Express on eBay

    Thanks for your info!
  7. I'm sure others on this forum have seen this but I am wondering about the sellers statement that it is an all numbers matching engine , transmission, body, and chassis. I was told that the SNM doesn't have production orders that old, so how would they be able to document that? I asked the seller the same question but never received an answer. Thanks. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-Studebaker-J5-Original/263245205316?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  8. The museum has a great collection of early cars and farming equipment, including a selection of Studebakers cars and a wagon.
  9. Your car looked great! Nice meeting you guys too. John (Green CE)
  10. Excellent photo collection! Thanks.
  11. ibrake4oldcars

    1936 Ace parts needed

    I don't have one, but wish I did! I would love to see pictures. Please post if you can. Thanks and good luck.
  12. Congratulations, that will be a fun project!
  13. ibrake4oldcars


    Sorry, no, I don't have any info on the car. Wish I did.
  14. ibrake4oldcars


    Why do you think it is based on a 55 Studebaker? Thanks for posting the picture.
  15. ibrake4oldcars

    steering box for 34 Studebaker Commander

    Thanks Dave. I sent you a PM. John