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New!! 2009Judging Guide

Guest imported_Pat Buckley

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Guest imported_Pat Buckley

New 2009 AACA Official Judging Guide is now online! This will take some time to download especially if you are using dial-up. Almost 100 pages.


The guides are available for purchase by going to the merchandise area of our site.

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J Powell...

On the this web site's Home Page look at the gold colored header bar at the top of the page. Scroll over to Publications. In the dropdown box you will see 2009 Judging Guidelines...just click on it.


Peter J.

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Here are the instructions from the judging guidelines....



Every AACA member is invited to join the judging

ranks. First timers should:

1. Determine if an AACA National Judging

School will be held at the next National

Meet he/she plans to attend. If a school is to

be held, attend it and advise the Meet Chief

Judge that you wish to become a judge.

2. A new judge’s first “on-the-field” assignment

will be as a member of an apprentice

team. As such, he/she will be instructed

in judging


and procedure, as

well as participating

in practice judging of


Go for it. You will enjoy it.

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to expand on Matt's reply,

you'll need to attend a judging school at a national meet which is usually held on friday afternoon. Then get up the instructor and pay I think it is $5 for judge's breakfast the next morning. Show up to breakfast (on time!), check in, and you'll be assigned to the apprentance team. Your "team captian"/instructor will give you details on when and where to met on the show field and any other instructions he has for you. Meet your group on the field at the say time and your instructor will have the group judge 3 or 4 cars he has selected and already talked to the owner as to what's going on. After you have taken this apperntaceship class, you'll recieve "the Judge" newsletter and can sign up to judge at national meets. At which you will be placed on a regular team and your team captain will assist you if you have questions.

At hershey there are several judging school during the week. You should be able to take the apprenticeship on Sat and still make your flight. Judging start at 10am (Hershey only) is usually all done by about 1:30 at the latest.

Hope this helps fill in any info you were looking for that wasn't in the manual which Matt quoted.

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