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New York Introduces New Bill to Provide for One-Time....

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New York Introduces New Bill to Provide for One-Time

Historic Vehicle Registration Fee

A new bill (A.B. 7413) has been introduced in the New York Legislature to provide that historical vehicle owners only pay a one-time registration fee of $23 upon initial registration. The bill has been referred to the New York Assembly Transportation Committee for consideration.

We Urge You to Contact Assembly Transportation Committee Members (List Below) Immediately to Support A.B. 7413

? The reduced registration fee would be available to owners of historical vehicles owned and operated as an exhibition piece or collector?s item and used for club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, occasional transportation and similar uses.

? Under current New York law, a historical motor vehicle is either a vehicle manufactured more than 25 years ago or one which has unique characteristics and which is determined to be of historical, classic or exhibition value.

? The $23 one-time fee would replace the current annual fee of $23.

DON?T DELAY! Please contact members of the New York Assembly Transportation Committee immediately by phone or e-mail to request their support for A.B. 7413. Please e-mail a copy of your letter to stevem@sema.org. Thank you for your assistance.

New York Assembly Transportation Committee

David F. Gantt


Darrel J. Aubertine

aubertd@ assembly.state.ny.us


Jim Bacalles

bacallj@ assembly.state.ny.us


Michael Cusick


Francine DelMonte

delmonf@ assembly.state.ny.us


Sam Hoyt

hoyts@ assembly.state.ny.us


Ivan C. Lafayette

lafayei@ assembly.state.ny.us


George S. Latimer

latimeg@ assembly.state.ny.us


John W. Lavelle

lavellj@ assembly.state.ny.us


Charles D. Lavine

lavinec@ assembly.state.ny.us


Donna Lupardo

lupardd@ assembly.state.ny.us


Pat Manning

manninp@ assembly.state.ny.us


David G. McDonough

McDonoD@ assembly.state.ny.us


Brian M. McLaughlin

mclaugb@ assembly.state.ny.us


Jimmy Meng

mengj@ assembly.state.ny.us


Joan L. Millman

millmaj@ assembly.state.ny.us


Matthew Mirones

mironem@ assembly.state.ny.us


Chris Ortloff

ortlofc@ assembly.state.ny.us


N. Nick Perry

perryn@ assembly.state.ny.us


Jack Quinn

quinnj@ assembly.state.ny.us


Frank R. Seddio

seddiof@ assembly.state.ny.us


Robert K. Sweeney

sweeney@ assembly.state.ny.us


Paul D. Tonko

tonkop@ assembly.state.ny.us


Harvey Weisenberg

weisenh@ assembly.state.ny.us


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">has been much a bill the last few years. it appears there is almost no way it can pass since it will result in deceased revenue. </div></div>

Not if you can convince a few state reps that passing it might help keep a few wealthy retirees from moving south! cool.gif

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I recently contacted my local Assembly person and received the following answer:

This bill (A4459) was referred to the Assembly Committee on


on 2/2/15. You can track the bill






Paul Marrone | Chief of Staff

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis



F: 718.987.0863

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I've been following this Bill for several years. It keeps getting bounced around until it sits in committee and dies. It gets brought back. Then bounces around and dies, Rinse and repeat. Since it will not provide long term revenue for NY, it is likely it will never be passed. If passed, it will infuse $12 to $20 million of revenue (according to text from an earlier version of the Bill), then virtually nothing there after. Unless NY is looking for some fast cash, it will never happen. If you remember, NY implemented 2 year vehicle registrations to generate some fast cash to help close a budget deficit one year. The following year, revenue from registrations dropped. The yearly revenue has evened out now that a few decades have passed. Think back to the current blue and gold license plates. Patterson wanted to raise some fast cash for NY by requiring registration renewals to purchase the new blue and gold plates. That when down in flames because the residents were actually paying attention and had a fit. That is why we still have the option to keep our white and blue plates or pay an extra $25 for the "new" blue and gold plates. I'm surprised we still have that option. At some point that option will go away once someone realized there is fast cash waiting to be collected. I will not pay $25 extra for one of the ugliest plates ever, until I am forced to.

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