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  1. I've been following this Bill for several years. It keeps getting bounced around until it sits in committee and dies. It gets brought back. Then bounces around and dies, Rinse and repeat. Since it will not provide long term revenue for NY, it is likely it will never be passed. If passed, it will infuse $12 to $20 million of revenue (according to text from an earlier version of the Bill), then virtually nothing there after. Unless NY is looking for some fast cash, it will never happen. If you remember, NY implemented 2 year vehicle registrations to generate some fast cash to help close
  2. GLong, I wasn't in the office today to confirm with the CEO. I called him. I will correct my post above after responding to your comment. I misunderstood what he had told me prior. NYS does allow a hybrid system, as they are called. There must be a minimum of 2" of closed cell foam insulation to create the vapor barrier. The fiberglass batting can then be used. The issues we were having were with the local spray foam guys only spraying 1" of foam. There were also issues with the spray foam guys using open cell foam. The CEO clarified that the hybris systems could not be used if other
  3. I have been researching a building project myself. Much smaller scale. There is a lot of good information here. I would like to add a few items. Be cafeful if you use spray foam and fiberglass. This is called a hybrid system. Many of the spray foam companies will squirt 1 inch of spray foam on the back side of the sheathing, then tell you to put fiberglass batting over it. They say the foam is the vapor barrier and you can save money with fiberglass. This does not conform to the NYS Building Code. 2 inches of closed cell foam are required to meet the Bldg Code for a vapor barrier. Op
  4. I am looking for a Ford license plate that reads "Only Six Hotter Than Mistang's". It has a picture of a smoking Colt Peacemaker with that slogan across the top.
  5. I saw this thread when it was only 1 page long. There certainly has been some heated discussion, 2 more pages worth. I too was curious if the OP's grandparents would sell the S&S truck. Well, I forgot about it until I was looking at my eBay account a short while ago. I had it saved in my "watched list". I see that it did sell for $28,000. I say, good for the seller. The market has dictated the price, as it should. This is a fickle hobby. Some days those rare cars/parts sell for top dollar, and other days you can't give them away. I was surprised at the criticism of the seller for
  6. Go to www.concoursmustang.com. It is a wealth of knowledge that can help you answer any question about Mustangs. It is an excellent forum with some of the best Mustang gurus from around the world. I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. I believe you can access the judging guidelines from the MCA (www.mustang.org).
  7. The MCA rules state all '65 engines are black. The air cleaner and valve covers are gold on the 289, and light blue on the 260. The air cleaner snorkel is black for both. Natural cast iron appearance is the proper finish (paint is acceptable per MCA rules) for the exhaust manifolds.
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