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  1. I've been following this Bill for several years. It keeps getting bounced around until it sits in committee and dies. It gets brought back. Then bounces around and dies, Rinse and repeat. Since it will not provide long term revenue for NY, it is likely it will never be passed. If passed, it will infuse $12 to $20 million of revenue (according to text from an earlier version of the Bill), then virtually nothing there after. Unless NY is looking for some fast cash, it will never happen. If you remember, NY implemented 2 year vehicle registrations to generate some fast cash to help close
  2. I saw this thread when it was only 1 page long. There certainly has been some heated discussion, 2 more pages worth. I too was curious if the OP's grandparents would sell the S&S truck. Well, I forgot about it until I was looking at my eBay account a short while ago. I had it saved in my "watched list". I see that it did sell for $28,000. I say, good for the seller. The market has dictated the price, as it should. This is a fickle hobby. Some days those rare cars/parts sell for top dollar, and other days you can't give them away. I was surprised at the criticism of the seller for
  3. 64rustang

    1964 1/2 Mustang

    From the album: Ford - Post War

    Mustangs were the feature car at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Car Show this year. A tribute to 50 years of the Mustang.
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