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  1. Does anyone from the Scranton Region AACA know about this car? I reached out to them and the only reply I got was from a former member who didn't remember the car. The consigner's website says, "WAS THE FEATURED SHOW CAR IN THE 29TH ANNUAL SCRANTON REGION AACA" so I would think someone in that region would remember the car. I know when a car like this is at my region's show it gets noticed and remembered. What does anyone think a realistic price is on a car like this? Haggerty values in high but is that a valid price structure? Thanks for anyone's input.
  2. Does anyone have updated information on this car? The Craigslist links are no longer active.
  3. Its not for me. I know the mileage on my car is legit because I knew the (deceased) original owner. I was asked and quite honestly I understand why because one lesson I learned in life is how people lie. I did vehicle inspections for years and often previewed the eBay or Craigslist ad. Its amazing how dishonest people are.
  4. I would like to obtain a vehicle history report on a 1980 vehicle but the 17 digit VIN did not start until 1981. Does anyone know how to run a report with a 13 digit VIN?
  5. Still looking for a set of these hubcaps
  6. 21,000 mile all original Cadillac https://www.islandcc.net/details/used-1980-cadillac-deville/68391647
  7. I am replacing the original exhaust on my 1980 Cadillac. Yes, that's right, the original! I noticed the heat shield on the catalytic convertor is hanging. I foolishly pulled on it but it isn't as loose as I thought and didn't come off. I will be securing it with steel wire for now but I want to replace it. Seems the GM pancake converters are no where to be found. How would this affect AACA judging? Would an aftermarket cat be acceptable, or removal of the heat shield?
  8. I'm looking for these hub caps. Call Mike at 917-566-2621
  9. I am looking for a set of OEM wire wheels for a 1980 DeVille. Text or call and leave a message. 917-566-2621 Mike
  10. I just e-mail Governor Cuomo. He is a classic car guy. Perhaps we could all appeal to him.
  11. I recently contacted my local Assembly person and received the following answer: This bill (A4459) was referred to the Assembly Committee on Transportation on 2/2/15. You can track the bill here: http://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?def...=2015&Actions= Y Paul -- Paul Marrone | Chief of Staff Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis P: 718.987.0197 F: 718.987.0863
  12. It is also $100 now. Cuomo is a car guy so he needs serious pestering to do this.
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