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44 minutes ago, rocketraider said:

Wassup with all these 70s Linkens the last few days?!😁


Apparently they survived better and in bigger numbers than comparable GM and Chrysler offerings.

1970's Lincolns, primarily Mark IV's & V's plus late decade Town Cars and Town Coupes, are like mattresses, always 'On Sale".   Anyone who wants one need only spec' their perfect car, it will turn up.

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When I click on one here in central Iowa, the Facebook algorithms think I want more.  My search parameters are usually either 250 or 500 miles - so I get Missouri, MN, Illinois.  

They sold a lot of Lincolns in the 70’s.  I know that.  60s was still moderate in sales.  80’s they came back down, but with Iacocca’s Mark, a rising tide of popularity lifted all of Lincoln’s boats.  

I hate to say it but I love 70’s Lincoln’s. 

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