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Accessory 1948 - 1949 Chevrolet Full Wheel Covers

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As everyone knows, the all new 1949 Chevrolets rode on 15" Wheels.
For 1948, the standard size wheel was 16", however, a 15" wheel was available as an option.
To enhance the looks of the 1948 Chevrolet with the 15" wheels, Chevrolet offered a Full Wheel Cover.
Then, when the all new 1949 Chevrolets were released, Chevrolet again offered an optional full wheel cover.
The profile of both wheel covers are the same, however, the centres differ, as you can see from the attached picture.
On the left is the 1948 wheel cover and on the right, the 1949 wheel cover.
Now, if you check on eBay, there are Sellers advertising these full wheel covers as 16", which I believe is an error.
It is my belief that they were only available as 15".
Can a Chevrolet Authority please set the record right.
Question :- Did Chevrolet offer a 16" full wheel cover for the 1948 Chevrolets?
Thank you for your help in settling this matter.



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25 minutes ago, John348 said:

The center cap on the left is either a 49 or a 50. 49 had a red back round around the bow-tie and in 1950 it was gold. The trim rings would be the difference, the center hub caps should fit on either wheel.

Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but, isn't the OP talking about full wheel covers and not center caps and trim rings?

A Chevy parts vendor such as The Filling Station, might be able to answer the original question.



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John brings up a point on full wheelcovers from that era. Sometimes a "full" wheelcover was a stainless (or on Chrysler products painted) ring that covered the wheel, while the small hubcap snapped over top of it to retain it. The ring may have had teeth on the outer edge to hold it in place and keep it from rotating on the wheel and cutting the valve stem.


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2 hours ago, mercman from oz said:

John, The two Full Wheel Covers that I showed are correct for the 1948 (left) and 1949 (right)

These are the small Caps that you are referring to that were standard equipment on the 1949 and 1950 Chevrolets


Yes, and I have seen the small caps with the trim rings that Rocket Trader refers to as well, that give the appearance of full size wheel covers, my mistake 

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