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WTB-Stromberg Carburetor DD-3 or EE-3 used in Chrysler Imperial

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On 2/5/2024 at 3:12 PM, carbking said:

We have factory (Stromberg) documentation on both; plus rebuilding kits, and many internal parts for either.


No castings for either.



Thanks. Do you have a website? 
Or what exactly do you have for the carbs as far as documentation? Exploded diagrams? 

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EE-3’s are simple to rebuild. Getting all the channel plugs out of the casting without ruining the carb is the issue. (Without experience I would expect a very poor outcome. We practice on bad castings.) Most parts are available and some hard parts also if you have good contacts. Proper configuration of the unit is usually beyond 99 percent of most people’s ability, including shops and rebuilders. You can spend 500 bucks plating hardware depending on application. 

DD-3’s are a different bowl of fish. Much more difficult to do, especially if you need hard parts.

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