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Reatta starter circuit

Barney Eaton

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A few owners have issued with starting that is associated with the pass-key either lost or not working properly. 

Looking at the start schematic,  there seems to be a simple by-pass solution.    

In the schematic notice that the pass key module grounds the starter enable relay.   

It appears that if you remove the relay and jumper the yellow in and out wires you by-pass the pass key and the car should 

start without a resistor pass key. 

Am I overlooking something?

start 1990.jpg

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The most common fix for this is to install a resistor in the circuit to mimic the pellet in the key. Of course, that presupposes you have a proper key to measure. I have never done so myself but I believe there is a fuel enable function for the VATS system as well as the starter interrupt. The above bypass should enable the starter.

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@Barney Eaton - I don't know that you overlooked anything from what you see in the SM. I'm not sure SM 1991 8A-30 is a complete schematic of the Pass-Key Decoder Module (PKDM). I've got a schematic of the 1993 Allante PKDM (SM 1993 8A-133) that shows a totally different layout and I'm not sure why. The Allante uses a 50hz square wave signal that is only generated when everything in the PassKey system is acceptable. This signal turns-on the fuel injectors.  So I'm not sure if the Reatta uses such a system.  Seems like all GM would use a similar system, but who knows??

EDIT:  The PKDM on the Allante has A3, A7 and A9; Reatta schematic shows only A7. I think the Reatta PKDM is incomplete. 

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