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1927 Standard Right front fender


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A Mason Dixon club member had a fender bender with his very original 1927 Model 27 sedan.



We have sourced another front axle but are in need of a decent restoreable right front fender. The car is in Elizabethtown, south central PA. 

 PM me or call Larry DiBarry


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Too bad.  Makes me sick to see such damage to an original car 🤕.  All the best to the owner.  I hope they can find the parts to get it patched up and back on the road 🛣️.

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7 hours ago, Leif Holmberg said:

Just wonder how the front part of the  frame looks. After such an incident it most have been bent a lot.

Even so, a good frame shop should be able to pull it back into shape.  Finding another usable fender will be a bigger problem.

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Sorry,but canT understand why a front fender should be a big problem to find in US? 1926 and 1927 Std.models are exakt the same on all Std.models,right side no.191202.

I`m more conserned about the frame as well as if the engine has been "broken"at the rear engine attatchment.

Should be interesting to follow what has to be done!.


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 I told him that there may be more involved in the repair that what he told me.  But a friend is already providing a complete front axle and steering linkages. Wheels if needed. We have already a source for fenders. If all come through. We will keep all posted.

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