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New 25 Buick Tourer Owner


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 From the terms you are using I assume that you are not anywhere me in the USA.

 I had my socket assembly and Bows (hoops) made by a gentleman in OHIO. I did check with a concern in NZ. or Aus. They gave me an estmate of $2,300 AU. for the sockets. Of course then the cost of shipping to the USA. 3 years ago the sockets and bows cost me a bit over $550.US.


DSCF8208.JPG.21bd1b225b6bf1f737867bc4ebfa32bf.JPGI still have not gotten around to building up the proper top assembly.

thumbnail_DSCF4087(1024x768).jpg.53de3e10dc93d5627348a1880aa22ff9.jpgMy car still with the too tall, cut down set from an older larger Buick. Possibly from a 1921 or 1922 model 45.

DSCF1324.JPG.5ff165bee08da693481b5d72ffc58982.JPGOne of the several weld points.


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 It has been over 3 years and I still have not gotten around to installing the bows to the new irons.

 Mel Draper is located in Jeromesville Ohio. I was able to pick up a very rough set of 1924 model 35 4 cylinder sockets.


Still, the sizes of the individual sections did not match what Hugh Leidlein sent me as far as dimensions. Mel was able to use many of the cast parts salvaged from them. otherwise the cost would have been much more to get those pieces fabricated.

  Where are you located?

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     Welcome to the forum.  That is a good looking Buick.      

 In the future, please make all communications on the "Buick Pre War" website for fastest communications.  I just happened to see this one. 


Read through the following link and it will go step by step on making a top.  Start with getting bows and sockets.  Work on getting or making all the hardware and installing it on the car before even thinking about doing the canvas.  There are many small pieces.  This takes you to October 11th.  On November 12th is another link within which has more details on making the canvas top. 

- I have made drawings for every part of a Buick 1925-25 for the entire top assembly.  I may have to email those to you for better clarity. That is, if you are going to make them or try to find them in New Zealand.

- I did recently receive a 1923 model 25 top socket set, but I have not had the time to verify it's application for your car as the body style change was 1924.  The box containing 2 socket assemblies measures 38x8x8 and weighs 28 pounds if you want to look into the cost of shipping them from Lake Jackson TX 77566.  

- You still need 4 wood bows.  I have the drawings for those.

- I need to document the dimensions on these top sockets before they leave me.  

- I do not see the top rest brackets for the corners of the rear seat so you will need to make those as well.  

- Also note that your windshield is different than mine so modifications will need to be made.   

- Below is the cleaned up version of the 1925-25 Buick top sockets.  





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 From Glenn's photo the windshield would pose a significant problem as the upper windshield frame is highter than the stancheons. I have given him the contact of a fabricator in Aus.

 The 1923-35 socket set would be sized much differently than our 1925-25. As I had found out from the 1924-35 set I used for Mel Draper to make the set I have now. I did record those sizes before they were dissembled for some of the parts to be incorporated into my new set.


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