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Yes! ... we have no bananas! (Serious MB Project)

Dave Wells

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I'd love to have just a gullwing door, would put it as the manway entrance door to my garage!


I like original cars, but this fascination with rusted out cars from the bottom of oceans and rivers escapes my mindset......


Oh, and as to the periods ........ after my comments, I was informed by one of my daughters that that's rude, it means I have more to say but won't say it.  Hmmm.  Anyone who knows me in person KNOWS I'll say it!

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2 hours ago, californiamilleghia said:

I assume this is the one in Cuba , 


I am sure there would be a long line of people happy to pay $100,000 plus as long as you could get export papers , which I believe has been the problem.


You could probably load all the salvageable parts into a suitcase and claim it as carry-on.



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