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Don Knopp antique auto parts, Niles, California


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25 minutes ago, Buffalowed Bill said:

By liquidated do you mean dispersed or scrapped?

Most (all?) of the stock was purchased by a vendor in, I think, the Fresno area. Sorry, no name or contact info and the last I heard about it was maybe ten years ago.

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The same guy that bought his Fresno stuff sold what was in Niles. or moved it, he still has piles of stuff.  I'm sure a lot of it was scraped.  Too bad.  A lot of it was not marked and hard to identify, it would have taken years to identify the stuff and his daughter need the $$ and she was asking a lot for the inventory, If you had paid what she wanted it would have taken 30 years to get you $$ back so I think he just helped her sell the stuff and split the $$


The link on that business card goes to some Chinese place but I think the phone still works.


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Yep.  I rummaged through the Fresno warehouse, only being made aware of it after our Studebaker Club participated in a Veteran's Day Parade.  Had an incredible amount of Post-war Lincoln stuff.  Lots of stuff scattered on the floor, getting bent, scratched, etc.  Loose piston rings everywhere.  I was there one day when a guy from I don't remember where now had purchased the entire inventory of remaining gaskets and was loading them on a trailer to haul back home to inventory  and re-sell.  Then Steve liquidated Globe Auto Wrecking inventory.  Previously to all this he was going around the local countryside beating the bushes, finding older cars, dragging them to a yard and parting them out.  He currently sells on ebay as "forthebeachonly"

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