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1922 Haynes 55


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We got a call about some cars and parts here local to us. Made the trip about 30 miles to find a 22 Haynes model 55, 26 Chrysler and a 79 mark v Lincoln. Haynes had been in the same spot for who knows how many years. Drug them home and I instantly started on the Haynes. Within a week had it on the road. Following week my dad got all the tedious fine work done, water pump pack on both sides, new plug wires, full lube job, wheel bearings packed and all lights working. Car shows 14,000 miles and as I have no proof to claim that other than nothing is worn out on this car at all. Nothing! All the brake clevis and pins are nice and tight ,king pins are tight, wheel bearings are like new, next to no leaks or caked up 100year old grease and no smoke! With some extensive cleaning and removal of 100 pounds of coon shit the leather looks new with some animal damage and a lot of the original green paint is there! I think with a new top we will call her done!  









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Fantastic Car!!! 
Ive been absent from the forum but I have a 21 Model 50 Type T project car.  Not as nice as your example but all there with 28,000 on the odometer. Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks to @Grimy for making sure this was brought to my attention too!!!! 

Haynes owners are very small group! 

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