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  1. Thanks Brian. I will do some digging tonight. I do know my amp gauge is not hooked up correctly and I have something else going on with my light switch. I’m thinking I need to go through all the wiring before I dig much deeper.
  2. Thanks terry it has a few issues that need ironed out but aside from that it should end up being a very nice driver.
  3. That makes sense. As I feel I may have an issue with my switch anyway. When lights are turned on the circuit breaker buzzes. I’m getting the idea I may need to go through the wiring. The car is done extremely nice but has always been a show car so it has a few bugs to work out. Thanks for the info!
  4. We just recently acquired a 23 6-48 coupe. And have had a 22 6-54 roadster for a couple years. The 22 when the ignition is turned on you can hear the started generator motoring before you start the car, as you can on our 24 Cadillac. But the 23 coupe it does not motor when ignition is on and doesn’t appear to be charging. Starts the car fine. Any ideas before I dig into it? Pictures of both cars attached.
  5. Thanks to @Peter Gariepy for putting the thread up. Hopefully their will be some good activity to keep it alive. So for starters here is our 1929 Windsor White prince 8-92. We pulled the car home back in the winter of this year. Had been stored away for some time. Went through the brakes, fuel system, packed water pump etc. and now it’s back on the road. Have been taking small trips local to shake out any possible bugs it may still have from sitting for so long but after roughly 50 miles I think it’s ready to go mechanically. The 4spd trans and hydraulic brakes make it a real pleasure to drive!
  6. For sure early studebaker. I’m in need for some parts to get a car running. Please let me know if these parts are available.
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