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  1. For sure early studebaker. I’m in need for some parts to get a car running. Please let me know if these parts are available.
  2. No sir not Brian. Thanks it does seem to be a really great car. Pretty excited about it.
  3. The Stutz was bought local to us and haven’t gotten around to it yet. Runs great just needs to be done. It’s getting closer in the list!
  4. Over the weekend I picked up a 1930 Windsor white prince 8-92. I know this car is not currently accepted by CCCA. The car meets or exceeds the criteria in my opinion. 88hp 8cyl Warner hiflex 4sp transmission etc. the Windsors brother, the Ruxton is considered ccca. Would anyone know the easiest/best route to apply for this car to be accepted?
  5. I’m in beavercreek. Interested. What does it take to own it.
  6. Still looking for parts for the ‘16 roadster. But got the cone clutch back in our ‘17 7 passenger and got it next to the Roadster for the first Time. Hard to believe the roadster is on the same 121” chassis. Makes the 7 pass look small! Roadster is a 3 passenger with a really neat original interior. Someone has to have my parts out there!!!
  7. @Ovalrace25 looking for studebaker 6cyl looks as pictured. Looking for exhaust manifold etc. picture of complete engine and my engine I’m needing parts for attached.
  8. We acquired another 16 studebaker 6cy roadster. The previous owner had issues with a valve and first shop he took it to lost quite a few parts. As of now we are looking for exhaust manifold, lifters, schebler model R carburetor and the threaded valve caps. Will look at 4cyl parts as well as everything other then manifold will interchange. thanks In advance
  9. We have had our 17 big six running for awhile now. But looking for Big Six engine parts for a ‘16 project car we have. I do not have a complete inventory of what is need. I will follow with it shortly. I do know I’m after valve cages and springs, exhaust manifold. I will buy complete engine or just parts. 4cyl as well. Picture of our ‘17 attached for enjoyment. Parts needed are exhaust manifold schebler model r valve lifters and threaded valve caps.
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