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At the top of the page there is a bell sign and an envelope sign. If someone responds to your post it shows up at the bell sign. It could say 1,2,3 etc depending how many responses there are. If you move your cursor to the bell sign and left click on the mouse a drop down menu will appear, showing who responded and which post they responded to. If you move your cursor to one of the responses and left click it will open the appropriate thread so you can see the response. It could be they just "liked" your post or it could be they made some comment. If they gave you a "like" it will say they reacted, if they made some comment it will say they quoted you.


The envelope sign is similar but it indicates a private message. This is a message just for you that does not appear on the forum. You can open the messages in the same way and answer them.


Hope this helps, if I have not been clear just let me know.


Bell sign = "Notifications"  envelope = "Messages"

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On 9/21/2022 at 11:43 PM, dodge28 said:

Will some one please educate me ? When some one react to my post will you please guide me how to find his post. I am not good at the computer, too old to learn. (86 1/2 years) Thank you,

Harry in Toronto,

If using a laptop/desktop if you click on your name will show a list.  If using a phone it may be different.


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