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Mid to late twenties packard


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2 hours ago, marc1122 said:

Don’t know why you say that. This is the packard but/sell forum is it not?????

I believe some people might equate “custom” with “hot rod” or “rat rod”, and there are people on this forum who, while they may appreciate the workmanship on a custom car, don’t really care for the current trend of taking nice cars or parts and trying to “improve” them.


Without an explanation of what you’re trying to do, people here will assume the worst and give you grief.

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Fair enough.

I am looking at a 1924 chassis.

it was a hearse.

all that is left of the body is the cowl.

Drivetrain and fenders are present.

I am trying to see what I might be able to find to recreate some sort of packard from the remains.

by no means am looking at building a hot rod, etc.

I should have been more forthcoming.

I realize this would be a packard that the factory never built but if it’s recreated into something packard with packard parts at least something is being doing with it

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