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1954 Buick Super 2 dr. Hdtp.

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I hate to disappoint the seller but tha's not the "original interior" as far as the seat upholstery is concerned. New paint looks good from where I'm sitting. A few bucks were spent on all that rechroming for sure.  Will be interesting to see how high the bids go but bettin it doesn't reach reserve. I tagged it at  $5,454.54 but just to keep watch. 

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Have you ever noticed that, when one item is incorrect,

there are often other incorrect things too?  An incorrect

item tells me that the owner was satisfied at being "close,"

but he wasn't totally concerned about being authentic.


In this case, the missing hood letters, the upholstery,

the whitewall width...


So when you notice one item incorrect on a car for sale,

be alert to verify carefully, "What else is wrong?"

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