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Automobile Quarterly. Full Set, including indexes

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This set was my father's. I'm not sure if the last two volumes are included, but they are very easy to obtain. The set includes all indexes. $1,500 delivered to locations below.


Beckley, West Virginia for the AACA Nationals on June 17-18,

Quad Cities AACA Nationals in East Moline, Illinois (Quad Cities) August

Minneapolis in August

Hershey in October

Otherwise, they will be located in Dayton, Ohio.

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Anyone who considers themselves an automotive history enthusiast must have a full AQ set. I have them all, about 204 books including indices (sorry West!). They require about 10' of shelf space but no better use of shelf space IMHO. From 1962 thru last edition in 2012 the quality remained very high, the articles excellent, and the photography and illustrations among the finest. At $5-$7 an issue you will never find a better old car resource.

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Congratulations. I saw this and have been wanting to pick up a set, and then got busy and forgot about it. Glad you found someone who will enjoy and appreciate these West. 

I will be quicker next time around.  

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