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1949 Frazer Manhattan - $7,500 (Missoula MT) not mine

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1949 Frazer Manhattan - $7,500 (Missoula)




Due to life changes I'm contemplating selling my project. This is an incredibly rare car, only produced between 1946 and 1951. The Frazer Manhattan was the top of the line luxury sedan from Kaiser-Frazer, built in Willow Run, Michigan.

This car has all available options, including overdrive, a ridiculous hood ornament, ammeter, and clock. The Good: 99% straight body,rust free aside from some surface deterioration on the grille, trim and interior are complete, all original parts and accessories. Completely rebuilt engine. All internals are new and the block is freshly machined with paperwork to back it up.The bad: slight damage to the drivers side fender due to the door coming open during transport so the fender and door will need a little work to operate properly, interior needs reupholstered, though it is complete,the original asbestos coated wiring should be replaced with modern wiring for safety and reliability, and the paint is a respray.According to the Kaiser Frazer owners club the car was last on the road in 2013.

The engine ran when I brought it home but there was a nasty rod knock. I rebuilt it and have all receipts for parts and machine work. The engine is currently partially disassembled but it would only take a few days to get it back together and running again, assuming you want to refinish the parts I haven't gotten to yet. I have tons of documentation and original shop manuals to go with it.

The nice thing about this project is that the majority of mechanical parts are shared with Willys products from the same time period. I prefer cash, but would consider trading for a Norton Commando or Kawasaki H2 750. I have a clear, original title, bill of sale, and original 1949 Oregon plates. I know that I'm asking a good amount of money, but this is a rare vehicle that probably won't come up for sale again any time soon. If 7500 is too much for you and you can show that you have the means to finish the project I'll consider offers



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A very uncommon car - from the front, the grille looks Cadillac-like, and from the rear, the look is reminiscent of a '49-50 Dodge Wayfarer semi-fastback sedan.  Great looking dashboard.


I hope this one gets finished.

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Just now, Bleach said:

There's a couple more photos of the engine in the ad and I'm sure it's rebuilt. The one on the stand is probably a photo of when it was just pulled form the car.


My bad, I guess I should have opened the link.

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Rarity does not equal desirability. Nice car but $7500 buys a driver not a car that needs finished.  He should do that rather than ask someone to bail him out of his buyers remorse.  

1949 was a necessary restyle for Frazer.  They are rarer then you might think.  Nice grille and taillights. 

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