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1954Century 2 door HT $2900 Not Mine Iowa

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(2) Marketplace - 1954 Buick Century | Facebook


I had posted this about 6 months ago.  I have communicated with the seller and for Facebook, we have remained pleasant and respectful.  I have asked questions on Facebook marketplace, which is new to me as a market for "stuff" and received some of the rudest messages back.  


This is one of those right car wrong time issues.  I do not have the time, space, or money to restore any more, yet this is in Iowa and a model I have been looking for in addition to a Roadmaster 2 door hardtop - for 20 years.  


Evidently, there is a continued declining interest in the old car restoration hobby.  There are still examples of folks doing restorations, garage type teardowns, but overall the glory days of dad working in the garage on his project drinking beers while mom plays cards at the kitchen table with the neighbors on a long sunlit June evening - are largely done.  


May be an image of car and outdoors


No photo description available.





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Just dreaming, but I would paint this my favorite 54 color of Casino Beige on the bottom with a black roof section.  Not sure on interiors because I have not visited the 54 Buick Highway lately, but if there is a tan/lightish brown with black that would work for me.  

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I wish I had a place to store it. I would've already bought it. It looks like a fun and rewarding project. As always, there may be (much) more to the story here. It looks like he started disassembling it. I asked about the extent of the rust. He sent pictures of the driver and passenger floorboards. He said there was trunk rust too, but didn't send pictures. I always wonder when people seem to be intentionally vague. There's what looks like a driveshaft sticking out the bottom of the car and the back seat is leaning against the wall. 

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On 3/24/2022 at 8:19 PM, Rooster said:

We need Mr. Earl's opinion.


Being a Century, probably worth the asking. I mean, when you’re going to be spending $50-60,000 restoring the thing, what’s another grand at purchase. With that much rust, the only way I’d tackle it, even if I was a young man, would be if it was a three speed Century. 

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