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WTB 1917 Buick D-45 project car


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not a 17 but might be of interest

This 1920 mdl 45. has become available for sale on Long Island. The owner passed away and his family is selling the vehicle. The Chapter was contacted and A couple of us are helping in finding it a new home.

The car does not run. It has paint issues. Andy who owns a 1916 mdl 45 from long Island and myself looked at this car it is pretty complete and would be a great car to get running and have for fun or a starting point for a project. 

Call me for info and more pics and info  I can put you in touch with Andy for his experienced view of the car and/or the owners family.


My phone # 516-606-4620

They are asking $7500

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I guess this won't be very helpful, but there is a

1918 Model 45 currently for sale on the Hemmings

Motor News website.  Maybe it's nicer than you want.

It's in Dandridge, Tennessee (U. S. A.) and the

asking price is $24,000.  If nothing else, you can

use this for comparison with any 1917 you may locate:





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The first car in my village was a 1917 Buick D-45 and it was taken apart in 1945-1950 and dumped outside the road in a small river canyon, 60-70 meter drop from the road.

I have located some parts down there from it and taken home. There are more left but the area it not possible to access during the winter. 

So my plan is to rebuild the car again, so need to be 1917😊

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