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“ Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend After 23 Years “


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This is a poignant image - it was taken by a 

son of his father watching an “ old friend “

drive away in my trailer Tuesday morning

from Bend, Oregon …. ☹️



Jim had contacted me about transporting 

his 1970 Chevelle SS to a new home.


He follows my travels on a few car forums and told the new owner I should be the one

to bring his old friend to it’s new home.


The smoke from the Wildfires was bad in Bend - my eyes were burning when I arrived to load early in the morning 🥵


Jim was in a good mood - so was Garrett

his son who recently graduated college and

was going to work as a commercial airline pilot - but there was also some sadness.




I took a walk around video before carefully loading up … 


1970 Chevelle SS Load Out


Jim took a last few pictures of his old friend

I took one at the back of my trailer.




Then something happened that  - in 15 years - had never occurred before.


Jim tipped me $20 - a Seller had never

tipped me at load out … 


Jim posted this later on a car forum we

both belong to - no one had ever sent me and image of my trailer driving away from a vehicle pick up before ….




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The drive from Bend Oregon Tuesday 

along Hwy 20 was long out to

I-84 with smoke all the way …


I average 300 miles a day but the new 

caretaker is only home Thursday thru Sunday - so I stepped it up and got to

the little Iowa town in the sticks 🥢

Sunday afternoon.


I unloaded the Chevelle & talked a bit.


I gave his son ( who just got his drivers

permit ) the same $20 bill 💵 that Jim

had given me.


I told the son the story behind it and

asked him to keep it with the Chevelle

because I considered it Good Luck 🍀



Now I head up to Minnesota to pick

up Ed Minnie’s White for the trip to

Miami, Florida ….🚚




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