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Front Bucket Seats????


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Just pick up these bucket seats at a swap meet need help IDing. One seat is stationary the other one the hole seat tips forward not just the back the back is part of the bottom. On the bottom of the seat that tips forward are the hinges and a clip that would snap into a piece on the platform the seat sits on. The seats have a corduroy material on them with a carpeted piece along the bottom that raps around the back of the seats. Thanks for your help!!!! 1-262-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com










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Very similar to those in my 1933 Plymouth. Top side looks very, very close. But the mounting hardware on the Plymouth is different. I wonder if Chrysler used the same vendor for interior components as the manufacture from whatever car those seats came from.

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If only ONE seat tips forward, and the other does not, It usually means its from a car that required access to something on the chassis directly below it, be it to refuel, or adjust linkage, or access something.   I would investigate which cars required the seat to be tipped forward to perform such operations.



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Many of the opera/victoria coupes used a front passenger seat that folded forward to allow entry to the back seat and a fixed drivers seat. Drivers seat would be fixed as it was commen for the cars to have a hat box or compartment that fit from the back of the drivers seat to the rear seat. 

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