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My dad was always a Chrysler products guy.  He served in Korea 1949-50 and bought a Chrysler when he came home as seen in the photos. We were not very well off so keeping the car running himself was a necessity, not a hobby.  We got by, barely at times due to the 1950s recessions, poor employment options in what has been described as the depressed hard coal regions of PA and eventually serious health issues at an early age. As his helper I learned about cars. We worked outside regardless of the weather as our house did not have a garage.  I always remember his pride in fixing what he could.  When it couldn’t be fixed he would look for another MoPar that fit his budget.  Chrysler was the desired car but sometimes it had to be a Dodge or DeSoto and only ever one Plymouth, a 1955.  I was always a GM guy, mostly Chevrolet and dad did have two but his eye was always on Chrysler.  Long after he was gone I bought a couple of MoPars.  I’m sure that brought a smile to his face!




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