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  1. HI all, The rubber oil lines that run from the oil filter canister to the engine block were all cracked and oozing oil. I removed before I thought about which line goes where. So my question is what line goes where. The block has the outlet at the bottom close to the oil pan and the inlet goes into the head. The oil canister has a threaded hole at the center on the bottom and the other is on the side close to the cover. Thanks again for everyone's help with my prior issues. Thanks Jim
  2. I thought there were issues with using GL-5 in older vehicles because of yellow metal. Thanks Jim
  3. I think Don's son Dan is running the business.
  4. I believe the sequence on the 1942 buick 320 st 8 is from the center out on one side then center out to the other end. Thanks Jim
  5. Put 8 ft LEDS in the new garage, best thing I ever did. Jim
  6. Thanks for the info on shark hide. Will check it out. Never heard of it. Thanks Jim
  7. Can someone tell me what shark hide is??? Never heard of it. Thanks Jim
  8. AL W, Can you share who rebuilt the radio. I would like to have the one in my 1942 Buick rebuilt but have heard all kinds of comments both good and bad on the the rebuilders out there. Thanks Jim
  9. Well after I put the horn ring back together properly, while calling myself every name in the book for being such a dumb a**, it worked. The horn did not go off as soon as I installed the ring as it did before. It took about 15 minutes of adjusting the plate to get all 3 spokes to work correctly. Neil, again thank you for all your help. And now onto the next issue. Jim
  10. Neil, you are going way beyond helping!!!! I will change how I put it together and will let you know tomorrow. Thanks Jim
  11. Continuing the horn assembly. Paper insulator and heavy spring on top of the horn ring. Placing plate on top of the heavy spring. pushing down the retaining plate. I did not take a picture of the little nuts on the studs, no insulators under the nuts. But are these the nuts that need to be adjusted. If you want to see more pics let me know. Thanks for all your help Neil. Jim
  12. Neil, Some pics on how I put the horn together. If you see something not right, please let me know. Plain horn button, nothing done. Upside down. The rubber wedges that go under the horn spoke and the two sets of insulators over the studs. Light spring under the horn ring. Horn ring in place. Over the spring and studs through the holes. Will continue in another post. Thanks Jim
  13. Neil, Will be sending some pics today. Thanks Jim
  14. Neil, I may not have the button reassembled correctly. Do you remember how it goes back together?? I have the manual but it is very hard to see the diagram clearly. Thanks Jim
  15. Thanks Neil for the tip. Will check it out today. Jim
  16. Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. On to the next issue. Since I had the steering wheel and horn trim off to fix the turn signals, I decided to replace the horn trim with one which was in better condition than the original. I took it apart and cleaned it etc. Put it on the car and reconnected the battery and jumped about 10 ft. The horn went off and scared the hell out of me. Was not expecting that. Took it off to make sure the wire was not frayed and making contact. No issue there. Grounded the end of the wire and the horn worked as it should. Put the horn button back on and the horn went off as soon as I touched the steering wheel. I have the shop manual and there is a diagram of the horn button but it is very difficult to read. This car has the 3 spoke steering wheel with the matching 3 spoke horn, not the one with the horn button in the center of the steering wheel. What am I doing wrong. Did I put the horn button back together incorrectly. There is not much there. A few insulators, 2 springs and a couple of nuts. Help!!! Thanks Jim
  17. Just got to the Buick today. The heat subsided a little today. Pulled the steering wheel and all the other little springs, ball bearings, bushings etc. to get to the actual switch. I did it again!!!! The wires were backwards on the indicator lights and the outside signal lights. But is was not that obvious to see. there must be something inside the switch that picks up the bulb size that wire is attached to. The indicators worked on both sides of the switch but the outside lights only worked on one side. Any way all fixed. Thanks for everyone's help . On to the next problem. Thanks Jim
  18. Ok you have convinced me. The steering wheel is coming off to check the wiring and the actual switch. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks Jim
  19. Hi All, Did one more thing before I removed the steering wheel to check the switch and the wiring at the switch. Please refer to the diagram that Neil sent. I disconnected the 3 way connector. The left side dash indicator does light because it does not go thru the 3 way. You will note there is a connector just before the bulb. I exposed the connector and hooked up a jumper from that connector to a bulb and ground. The dash indicator and the bulb flashed. Then I tried connecting the outside lights and the dash indicator and the outside lights all flashed. Then I did the other side and they all flashed. I hope that is all clear, because i am getting confused just typing it. Basically Bloo, I hooked the flashers up they way you thought they were before you saw the diagram from Neil. And they worked. So my question is..... can I do it this way. Will I be doing any damage. Can the wiring heat up etc etc. Right now I have the wire connected using mini jumpers and clips. I would have to make permanent splices etc. Tell me what you think. Thanks Jim
  20. I have concluded I wired something wrong. I have good grounds and power to the lights. Have a good flasher, tested as Bloo suggested. Only conclusion...... I screwed up something at the switch. will keep everyone posted. Thanks Jim
  21. Bloo, I was going to let you know that the dash indicator lights were not connected to the outside lights, but Neil beat me to it. My turn signal diagram is exactly as the one that Neil posted. I rechecked everything today. Goods grounds at the outside bulbs , power to the bulbs etc etc. and still nothing. I am going to repeat exactly what the issue is. When I use the turn signal handle the dash indicators light up but do not blink and the outside lights do not go on. I did rewire the steering column but was very careful. Bloo, can the problem be in the switch wiring. The dash indicators work properly but there are 4 other wires i could have screwed up.
  22. Bloo, I learnt more about flashers and directional signals in your post than i have in the 40 somethings years I have been having fun with cars. Thanks The dash has 2 indicator arrows. The rear turn signals are below the running and brake lights, not on the trunk. I will try to get out to the garage later today, some house and outdoor projects took up my time the past few days. Thanks Jim
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