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HPOF...Dealer options


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i recently acquired a 1972 Datsun 240z. It is a pretty original car and I thought I would try the HPOF class. I am new to this class and I had a question about dealer options...specifically wheels.


My car was delivered new with after-market American Racing wheels. The wheels were added by the original selling dealer as part of the original sale and are clearly listed on the original dealer invoice, which I have.


My question...

Would these wheels be subject to a deduction? 

I have correct factory steel wheels and hubcaps which I have recently procured. Would those wheels be subject to a deduction, since there is no record they were ever on the car when it drove off the dealer’s lot?



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There would be no deduction for factory wheels and hubcaps even if they were not delivered on the car.  There could still be deductions for condition of these items.  Correction, in HPOF there is no deduction for condition unless it is unusable.

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