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  1. Thanks. I have correct wheels and caps, so come fall, I think I will give the HPOF class a shot.
  2. So my follow on question... would there be a deduction if I put on correct factory wheels and hubcaps...even though they were never on the car from day one? Thanks Jim
  3. Hello i recently acquired a 1972 Datsun 240z. It is a pretty original car and I thought I would try the HPOF class. I am new to this class and I had a question about dealer options...specifically wheels. My car was delivered new with after-market American Racing wheels. The wheels were added by the original selling dealer as part of the original sale and are clearly listed on the original dealer invoice, which I have. My question... Would these wheels be subject to a deduction? I have correct factory steel wheels and hubcaps which I have recen
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