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  1. I figured out the answer for the tires. In the section on Tires in The Judging Guidelines it specifically says, brand does not matter but size must be same as factory specs. Luckily, the size is still available from one source. Not much I can do about the fuel line, body issues and the bumpers. It is what it is and will be in the hands of the judges. Hoping I can still get an answer on the Ignition (plug) wires. I have a choice there and I would like to make the right one, if it matters. Thanks Jim
  2. Hello Some additional questions about owner disclosure and possible deductions. This is a follow up follow up to my previous post regarding my 1972 Datsun 240z. I have read many of the threads and the articles by Fred Trusty. I might e getting perilously close to my allotted 7 deductions. Tires: What is more important…brand of size? From the factory, the 72 Datsun 240Z was equipped with 175HR14 radial tires. Toyo was the predominant brand, although I have heard of Bridgestone also. Toyo tires are available in 185x70x14, the modern size equivalent to the original 175HR14. Vredestein makes a 175HR14. Which option will avoid a deduction? Fuel Line: The 72 Z came with a one piece fuel line from tank to fuel filter at right front of engine compartment. In 1972 AC was dealer installed and to fit the compressor into the right front of the engine compartment the dealer moved the fuel filter backwards and shortened the fuel line. I have removed the dealer installed AC, replaced the fuel filter with an OEM replacement in its correct position and repaired the fuel line to its original length but did so by adding the necessary 12 inches of fuel line using a union. Is this a deduction? Bumpers: Overriders and Bumper rails were dealer installed. These were reportedly stolen off my Z in the 1980’s so the bumpers are essentially factory original. Is this a deduction? Body: My Z reportedly took a slight hit to the left front fender back in the 80’s. Original fender repaired and repainted. Deduction? Right dogleg had rust repair a few years back. Replacement dogleg welded in and area repainted. Deduction? Ignition wires: The original wires are long gone. I have used wires that are the correct style and color. NISSAN OEM wires are still available from certain sources. These wires are date coded, mostly from the 90’s when they stopped making them. Which option will avoid a deduction? Thanks Jim
  3. Thanks. I have correct wheels and caps, so come fall, I think I will give the HPOF class a shot.
  4. So my follow on question... would there be a deduction if I put on correct factory wheels and hubcaps...even though they were never on the car from day one? Thanks Jim
  5. Hello i recently acquired a 1972 Datsun 240z. It is a pretty original car and I thought I would try the HPOF class. I am new to this class and I had a question about dealer options...specifically wheels. My car was delivered new with after-market American Racing wheels. The wheels were added by the original selling dealer as part of the original sale and are clearly listed on the original dealer invoice, which I have. My question... Would these wheels be subject to a deduction? I have correct factory steel wheels and hubcaps which I have recently procured. Would those wheels be subject to a deduction, since there is no record they were ever on the car when it drove off the dealer’s lot? Thanks Jim
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