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1931 Commander 70 rear axle bearings and seals

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just found out yesterday that I may not have the correct ones.  The numbers were from Studebaker International.

Races = 165167

Bearings = 165168

The shop working on the car received them yesterday and said that they did not fit.  However, the parts guide shows two different rear ends were used in that year.  I should find out more by tomorrow.

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When are you coming to Joliet to look at the two rear axles I have and I may have some shocks and brake drums.

Most of these parts came from Model 61 and 62 cars and I don't know if they will fit your Model 70.

Robert Kapteyn


815 twoonetwo 2389


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Those numbers are an early number and translate all the way up to late models.   early Dana and 23 27  1939- 50   and Dana 44 -1951-64.  I stock them.  SI may have just sent the wrong sets? 


Timken part number  14276 race ,  14138 for  the bearing  I have other numbers for the same because of all of the years of usage.


I looked in the books and  do not see a type A  or Type  B axle for model 70.    Something tells me you may need to ID the whole differential , because it could have been changed. 


RBK- model 61  and 62 are a different timken number  race 2720  and  cone- 2796/2787 for the model61

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Thanks to RBK and to Stude for the information.


We also wondered if the entire assembly might be out of a different car.  We were able to source the bearings that came out of our unit and will probably go with that installation.  I'll know more next week.


RBK... I will send you a private message.  I would like to see your facility.  You had some other parts listed on your web-site that I am interested in.  I am checking when I can com up to visit.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Anyone is welcome to come and visit.I am not always at the warehouse and with my present health condition I go only a few days a week.

Paul Reppa still comes to help me and my son is having a heel replacement this month and will be laid up for a couple of month.

I sure hope to be at the warehouse during the Indy meet and anyone driving from the west on Interstate 80 , will travel through Joliet and is welcome to visit.I am at the intersection of Interstate 55 and Interstate 80.Call first 815 212 2389.I have a large quantity of sheet metal for sale

Hawk hoods ,fenders etc.

Robert Kapteyn

Here is a picture of my building.


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