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Guess the 60s make/model?


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Help!  This is kind of a weird request but I know you are up for the challenge!  I have an old pic taken in the 1960s (I think in 1968) & we are trying to figure out the make / model of car? But as you can see, there is limited view of car - we thought it could be identified from the door handle.  It appears to be a 4 dr Hard Top but not sure from there.  Would you have someone that’s good enough to identify it from just these pics below?
Tom (I’m the driver!)
Atlanta, Ga


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What a great sixties/early seventies pic! I don't mean sixties/early seventies like Woodstock or Kent State, but sixties like the other 98% of young people experienced. Interesting that the girl is left out of the picture.


I googled the Caddy 8E45E mentioned and that looks pretty plausible.  My first impression was large Olds, but I don't think so now.

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