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Trying to find year and model


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I am in process of picking up two cars. I do not have an engine or chassis number yet. I have these pictures so far. Our best guest is that it is a 1926 Buick Standard Six. Can someone confirm or tell me otherwise.The other car will be on the Chevy site since we think it is a 28-29 Chevy. 













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I believe the Buick is a 1927 Standard Model 20 two door coach. 1925 had a single body belt line, double came out in 1926. 1926 visors wrapped around the windshield posts. 1927 visors were entirely in front of the posts as this one is. Finally, if there is no data plate on the firewall, look for a year stamped into the lower spare tire carrier mounting brackets. The headlights have been replaced and are not correct.

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.At first we went with a 1927. But when I look at dash pictures it has the diamond shaped cluster of the four gauges. Which looks more like the 25. When I see the Dash for the 27 the gauges are straight across. I do not doubt that the headlights have been changed on these. Hopefully when we go to pick them up I’ll be able to get better information.

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