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  1. Left wiper assembly for 1941 Plymouth convertible.
  2. A couple more pictures... This is the kit Steele sells for the Fisher VV windshield. Installed it about 10 years ago. My car is a 26-47 I would be surprised if the 27-27 is any different. The measurement from the glass to the end of the rubber strip is just over 1/2 inch. Side channels also come with the kit. I have been pleased. The windshield rolls up and down easily and when down it does not leak.
  3. I am usually a stickler for authenticity. But, I cheated on the wiper motor. My housing was cracked, it was leaking vacuum, a mounting leg was broken, and I couldn't find a correct replacement. A Model A Ford wiper motor fits the mounting holes perfectly and they are being reproduced. In twelve years no one has noticed it is not the correct motor (just squealed on myself) and it works great.
  4. I haven't gotten my car out of winter storage yet so can't do a video just now. How to get to the windshield winding mechanism: Take off the winding handle, rear view mirror, and take out the two screws on either side of the header. This should let you lift off the outer header board with the upholstery attached. Under that you will find another board attached with wood screws. Take that off and you should have full access to the winding mechanism. When I redid my interior twelve years ago Steele Rubber Products was offering a weather stripping kit for the Fisher VV windshield. It included the piece across the bottom the windshield closes into and the side channels the windshield slides in. As I recall the rubber strip across the top of the windshield outside was sold separate. Before cleaning and oiling the mechanism and replacing the weather stripping my windshield was working but with difficulty. Now it works very smoothly. You should be able to get to the door winding mechanism by taking the door panels off.
  5. The big window crank handle is to crank up the windshield. It will go up about six inches. The dash is designed so that if you crank up the windshield about an inch or so it catches the air and blows it on your feet. More, it blows directly on you. This is a feature you will really appreciate driving your car in warm weather as there is a lot of heat transmitted through the firewall and other cracks and holes in the floor boards. Cranking up the windshield makes a huge difference in interior comfort. My car is a Master 26-47. But it is the same body.
  6. Restoration Supply Company in CA also has the copper crush rings. The vacuum valve in the dash turns the windshield wiper on and off. Unscrew it for on, screw it in tight for off.
  7. Check your ground. The ground wire runs down with the power wire and grounds to the frame just in front of the front seat on the passenger side at a body mount. That was the problem with my 1926 sedan dome light.
  8. If you are looking for correctness, I believe white walls would be correct through 1926.
  9. Labaron Bonney kits are not like original in stitching or color if you are looking for it to be authentic.
  10. Also check that the seat in the vacuum tank lid for the valve that opens to the intake manifold has’t come loose. I had that happen several years ago with the same flooding results. Super glued the seat back in and it has been running fine since.
  11. Bracket that connects the arm from the motor to the wiper assembly. Likely used on other Chrysler products and years. Or will buy whole wiper assembly. Note look for finger in first picture.
  12. It is a 1927 - first year for assisted crankcase ventilation (scoop on oil filler tube to catch fan air). 1926 Didn't have this. Also 1927 headlights are slightly smaller than 1926.
  13. I have the formula for Cobalt Blue in modern PPG Global DG. In the early 1970's my 1926 Buick was painted with Nitro Cellulose lacquer from the Cobalt Blue formula supplied by Dave Chambers. When I restored it again in 2008 the PPG rep. shot it with his color matching machine and the new formula in Global DG was the result. It is an exact match. E-mail me at and I will be happy to share the formula with you. Since it is a custom color it is not cheap but it was worth the price to me. Attached is a picture from right after it was painted.
  14. I need a Purolator type A-2 (the cigar box style in the ad), new or used, if anyone happens to have one for sale.