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  1. So, as I was bringing them home and a local guy wanted to buy them. What are the cars worth? I do not know prices on the older cars.
  2. As some know I was going to pick up these two cars last Thursday, which I did. I cleaned them up and wanted to show what we have. Still do not know what to do with them I still have the 51 and 53 Studebaker to finish. 1927 Buick, Model 20 , Standard 6 1927 Chevrolet Model AA Capitol
  3. The two 27’s I brought from A long-term friend of 50 years. His father owned the chicken farm and he placed these two in there long ago and he also had a 29 Graham.I didn’t even know he had the cars until two years ago. He knew I was into cars and wanted to know if I knew anybody who wanted them. At the time I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have any space to store them. I recently have space now so I re-contacted him and he was more than willing to sell them to me.
  4. Picked up these two 27's today. 27 Buick, 27 Chevy. This is an old chicken farm barn in Phoenix. Cars were there for over 40 years.
  5. Since both are GM products are there any parts that are interchangeable?
  6. Which fluids are best for engine, trans and rearend?
  7. Any words of wisdom on the transmission and clutch? Rearend? I want to limit damage. I am in no hurry so I can do this correctly. I had a 53 Plymouth Suburban that sat in the desert of Tucson for 30 years. We got it to start up but I did not have the patience I needed and the rings stuck and it smoked heavily. I am assuming this is 6 volt. Positive or negative ground? I have a spare 6 volt battery charged up.
  8. Sorry also, I did not mean to hijack this thread. I have threads in the New to Buick, and prewar Buick. I also have a thread in the prewar Chevrolet. Since I also picked up a 27 Chevy with the Buick.
  9. Great information and many thanks. I have found whether it be a Nash metropolitan, Studebaker, and other forms that everyone has been very helpful. I am not one to go really after the basic everyone car. That’s why I have done metropolitans, Plymouth pick ups, studebaker‘s, Renault, volvos. I am not a master mechanic or master rebuilder by any means. I am usually the two steps forward one step back type of restore where I am more of a shade tree mechanic guy. I was not looking really for an antique car restore but with them coming to me I thought it would least be fun to get them running and d
  10. Thank you for the insights. I have purchased and restored about 14 cars. I do know the cost and time problem. I am currently working on a 51 Studebaker and have a 53 Studebaker waiting. A long time friend needed to get rid of the cars. I guess I was the logical one to sell too. I have the 27 Chevy on a different thread. Not interested in spending a lot on them May resell them but I would like to play around with them. I have a complete Studebaker drivetrain that would not cost much. Are there parts available for these cars?
  11. I just purchased a 27 Buick standard 6. Would like to know where to get the wood kit? If not a wood kit is there a donor vehicle for a frame if it was to be rodded out. jim
  12. Is the car worth $200? I will have to get a bonded title but it is an old friend's fathers cars and a bonded title is easy in AZ.
  13. Is the car worth $200 even with the damage under the drivers door? I will have to get a bonded title but it is an old friend's fathers cars and a bonded title is easy in AZ.
  14. It is not severe but it is bent up. It is the area under the door. For the price of the it is worth repairing.
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