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  1. He had all the work done. Has the receipts and shops where work was done. Over 30000 is restoration looking for 18000 or offer. Car is stored in dry garage in warm climate.
  2. The car is restored. It does not need any restoration. Runs like a sewing machine.
  3. This nice 1930 Graham Special six has been offered to me for sale. Trying to see what the value is. It was a frame off restoration. Frame, wheel drums, other parts powder coated. Excellent shape. Mohair interior. Everything in prime condition. Runs and drives like it should. Thoughts?
  4. Well maybe you all are right. I have enough projects will the two Studebakers.
  5. Actually there is a 1959 Renault 4CV that I have an opportunity on. Complete car but bumpers(made aftermarket) Lager restored Caravelle engine.
  6. Are the Chevy or Buick worth rebuilding? Looks like Buick needs different headlights, the running lights on top of the cowl and the Radiator cap. Chevy seems to be all there but Radiator cap.
  7. From what I see it looks like it is a 629 5 passenger town sedan
  8. I can get the Chevy or Buick for about $500/each.
  9. That is part of the problem, I cannot figure out the model. It does have 6 cyl. It is a 4 door but only has 4 side windows not 6.
  10. Another question. Which is easier to find parts for out of the Buick and Chevy? I am looking at just good drivers. They do not need to be concourse. Which has more end value Buick or Chevy. Buick has the 6, a bit more driveability. I do like the wood spokes. I was going to pick up all three but a friend wants either the Buick or Chevy and was trying to decide the best route with easeier restore at lessor price.
  11. I agree with you on spending more than the car is worth, thus trying to see about the missing parts. I have restored 14 different cars from a 1940 Plymouth truck to the current 51 Studebaker. Always wanted to go a bit older. I can probably get the car for less than a 1000. But like you say if the parts are not available then it makes it hard. Are there substitute seats and handles from different brands that will work. The inside cranks are standard squares with pins. Could find nice older handles to work. Outside handles may be the problem.It would not take much to make it a driver. They also
  12. I have the chance to pick up a 1929 Graham Paige 4 door sedan. Trying to figure out value and whether the parts missing can be located. Not sure which model it is. Are there serial numbers somewhere on the car or did they just use the engine number? What is a rough value of the car the way it is. No title, not registered since 1952 in California. The good: Top wood all replaced with new vinyl. Floor has new wood with vinyl Engine and transmission work done Has all six wheels Has inside dome lights Rust free Bad: missing all interior and exterior door handles
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