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1983 Buick Riviera factory Whitewall width


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 I need some help - I want to keep my 1983 Buick Riviera 100% factory and that includes the look of the tires. Well, I know I can't get Royal Seal white wall tires anymore, I'm looking to find out the exact white wall width of the factory tires on the 1983 Riviera. This is not a T-type car, it is the 307 V8. Maybe someone out there by chance has a low mile original Riviera with the original tires that they could throw a ruler against? I would be eternally in your debt.

Thank you!

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Its been awhile since I've owned my '92 Riviera.  It was originally ordered with white walls from the factory.  When it was time for new tires, I was able to buy white walls of the thickness you're looking for from my local Firestone dealer about three and a half years ago.  I also found that Cooper Tires had them available at the time.

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