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Help to ID vehicle in background 1945 image


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Any idea of the make and model of the vehicle seen in the background behind the US military man359449450_1945germany.thumb.jpg.e03996da64ba283d64dbda4057d70263.jpg? Do you think it is a US military vehicle or of European make?

The photo was taken probably in 1945 after the Allies occupied the German Naval Base @ Bremerhaven, Germany.


Additionally, if anyone can ID the branch of service of this US military man please let me know.


Thank you!


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5 minutes ago, Heybrad said:

I am trying to date this photograph too. Any idea what year this Dodge Powerwagon could be? Was this Dodge model made and used by the US military in WW2? Or, would this image be from post WW2?

Again, thanks!


Looky here....https://usautoindustryworldwartwo.com/Chrysler/dodge-trucks.htm

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