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  1. Ok guys, thank you for clarifying the location of photo. I thought it looked familiar to the structure within GG Park.
  2. PS, I know very little about the roaming 20's period clothing, but the woman's hat in the drivers seat scream's roaring 20's to me. Does anyone know if that styled hat was still worn by women in the 1930's? I would like to think this photo was taken in the mid-1920's as Wayne suggests. Thoughts are appreciated!
  3. Very informative Wayne and 'hwellens', I appreciate your insights on this photograph! BC
  4. Hello again I am trying to determine an approximate year the attached image was taken next to the Spreckels Temple of Music, Golden Gate Park, SF. If anyone can ID the make, model and year of the vehicle that might help. Additionally, if anyone has insight into period clothing, that might help narrow the year that this photo was taken too. Appreciate your insights! BC
  5. BTW---Do you know what years the sequence: Letter-2 digits-3 digits pattern was used on WA plates? Unfortunately, the resolution of this image is not good enough to read the bottom right year on the plate. BC
  6. Excellent. Yes, I assumed the photo was taken somewhere in W. Washington State as it was in with family photos. Thank you for explaining the license plate. I had no idea that the A represented King County. I grew up in the county in the 1950's-70's and I did not know that. Nor did I know about the 1943 snow storm. Appreciate your input!
  7. Hello experts! Trying to date when this photo was taken. Believe it was in the 1940's. There are two other vehicles in the background. If anyone can ID them, from what little is showing, with the year they could have been made this might help narrow the photo year taken more precisely. Also, the photo of the model A. What model and year it was made? Would it be 1928? Thank You! BC
  8. That is very probable since the subject in the photo wrote on the backside of the print that the location was at the German Naval Base of Bremerhaven. Very interesting, thanks! BC
  9. No, I just assumed he was American. The photo was in our family collection but he is not a relative. Probably an acquaintance. Thank you for your insight on his uniform BC
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