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Correct headlight operation on a '65


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Having some troubles with my headlights on the driver side of my 65 and wanted to verify correct operation as well as correct replacement bulbs.


With the headlights on (switch in "driving position" per the service manual) operating the foot dimmer alternates between the top headlamp-only on and both headlamps on.  Assuming then the top-only represents "dim" and both on represent "bright" (meaning the top is the "outboard" unit or Type 2 referred to in the manual, bottom is "inboard" or Type 1)?  Is this operation correct?


Turns out this is the behavior only on the passenger side.  On the driver side operating the foot dimmer switches between top-only and neither (i.e. both off).  Could this be explained by a faulty bottom headlamp only or do I have a wiring issue?


Finally does anyone have a recommendation for replacement sealed beam units?  The manual has them as bulb number 4001 and 4002-L which seem difficult to find.  On RockAuto it lists parts number 4000 and 5001 for "low beam" and "high beam" Halogen bulbs respectively.  Are these correct?







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  Check for voltage at each plug first! But dont discount the possibility the ground for the drivers side headlights is compromised. Sometimes putting load on a ground which cant support the load will result in inoperative lights. The ground can be OK for one light but placing twice the load on a compromised ground will "rob" enough ground from each light to render them inop. They will usually be dim but not always.

  But check for voltage at the connectors at the lights first. The ground for the lights is on the tie bar closest to the lights.

Tom Mooney

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