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What I Did During COVID Part 1 1940 56S Rear Turn Signal Assy

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In the Spring while things were quiet I decided to tackle the rear turn signal assembly on my 1940 56S. I knew the pot metal wings had fractured long ago and it leaked into the light buckets, rusting them and finally shorting out the left signal.


1. Removed it and it's a pile 'o parts



2. Stripped and JB Welded back together. If you do this, remember to assemble on the trunk lid installed in place and glue it there as there is a compound curve on the trunk that must be matched. I used a couple of thin newspaper sheets to protect the trunk. Then sanded the whole assy down after curing. (Derusting, sanding, and painting the lamp buckets is not shown in this thread)



3. Primed



4. Sanded and painted



5. Side trim installed



6. Lenses installed. I stuck with the old ones since the new ones don't have the shield behind the letters that makes the cool "arrow" effect.



7. New shield installed.



8. Installed on the car.




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