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Starter Vacum Switch Part # for 41 Strongberg


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I was at Carlisle this past weekend and one of the items on my list was a starter vac. switch. The part # I have is 1990127.

My first question is if it's the correct number which I got off of buick's 41 master parts catalog. I did find one and the seller said it was correct, but a very different number. I passed since I didn't want to get stuck with the wrong one.

My second question is does anyone know where I might find one for a 41 248 with compound strongberg carb?

Mine was sticking at times and would not engage. I cleaned and repaired it and seems to be working fine. Would like another just in case.

Thanks guys


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The Buick part number would be useful if one finds a switch in an original Buick box.


However, there are probably many more Stromberg parts in Stromberg boxes, with Stromberg part numbers, than in Buick boxes.


I do not have a Buick/Stromberg part number interchange.


If you would supply the number of your Stromberg carburetor, I can see what I have available.



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The number of the Stromberg carburetor is STAMPED (recessed number), NOT CAST (raised number), and may be found looking at the top surface of the airhorn (top casting) along one of the sides. IF BUICK, it will be a 7-nnnc, where the nnn represents a number from 1 to 3 digits, and the c represents an engineering status code. The engineering status code may or may not be present. This is the Stromberg "code" number, and the easiest way to identify Stromberg carburetors beginning about 1933 (with the exception of FoMoCo). The 7 was the Stromberg customer number for Buick. Other often found customer numbers: 3 (Dodge, later Chrysler), 6 (Studebaker), 10 (Packard), 205 (Cadillac).




7-69 (1948 Buick)

7-69A (one slight engineering change to the 7-69 carburetor)

7-69B (second slight engineering change to the 7-69 carburetor)


The number in the Buick parts book, as well as the Stromberg "sales" number, are found only on the carburetor tag, which generally is not present. And even if present, are difficult to cross, as the Stromberg literature uses the code numbers.



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Thank's Jon for all your help! I would have responded sooner, but I had to get to my lap top at home since my I pad won"t let me post anymore.

 I'll get back to you this afternoon with the STROMBERG carb # and hopefully you can get me squared away. 

 You are correct as far as my # 1990127 is a Delco # since I got it from my Buick master parts catalog.

 Back to you later today.

Thank You


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Ed - I am not going to be much help, other than history.


7-42A is the first engineering change (there were two) to the early production 1941 front carb on series 40 and 50 with Strombergs.


These cars had MAJOR driveability problems with the progressive linkage carbs. This fact is evidenced by:


1941 front carb 40 and 50 with Strombergs:

7-42 (first run)

Changed 7-42A

Changed 7-42B

Replaced mid-year 7-46

Changed 7-46A

Superceded in 1942 with 7-59

Changed 7-59A

Superceded post WWII 7-73


The 7-42 didn't last long enough for Stromberg to issue a field print. I do have the original blueprint, but it was archived to a 500 foot roll of microfilm, and I have not digitized it to date.


The secondary carbs have approximately the same bad history.


I cannot (easily get you the Stromberg part number for the switch).


The above history of these set-ups illustrates why I have been suggesting two identical carbs and solid linkage for years.




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Thanks so much for all your hard work in digging up all the info for me. I am very greatful.  FYI, the secondary carb has a 7-43 date so am I to assume that was changed at one time or not? 

 If I were having performance issue I would consider making a change, however, she runs like a top at all speeds and idles like it's not running.I also don't want to make any changes from "as built" unless I have to. Like I stated in my first post, it's the vac. switch issue only and that was hit and miss but seems OK since I cleaned it up. It.s more of a piece of mind for me to have another just in case. It would be embarrassing to pop the hood and jump the switch to start. A ego killer for sure.

Thank's again for all your help. It's great to have people like you on this forum


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Thank's for the heads up on the carbs. I might take you up on the offer if I start to have problems and if you still have them. Like I told Jon, the carbs are fine(for now) it's the vac switch I need. I'm a true believer in "if it aint broke, don"t fix it" attitude. 

Thank's again for the offer. I do appreciate it.


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