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The Rarest '65 Wildcat??

AK Buickman

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After reading another post about low production options on a '65 Wildcat, I started wondering about how I could find the production figures for a real oddball Wildcat.

I once owned a '65 Wildcat that could be the rarest of them all. It was a Model #6269 4-dr sedan chassis that was modified and sold by the Flxible Company when new, into what Flxible called a Combination Hearse/Ambulance. This model could be used as either an ambulance or hearse, and would have been purchased by a municipality that could not afford two separate vehicles.

You can see a photo of one of these in "Seventy Years of Buick." This unique vehicle holds the honors as the ugliest Wildcat of all time. The roof was very high, yet the vehicle chassis was not stretched. This resulted in the windows being very high, and they looked out of place.

The car used a combination of Wildcat, LeSabre, and Electra 225 parts:


Hood ornament & center hood strip--Lesabre/Electra


Front fenders--Electra (Electra models used specific fenders in '65)

Portholes--four Electra portholes (Electra models used specific portholes in '65) I need to look at the photos of the car to confirm the style of portholes.

Body side moldings--LeSabre/Wildcat


Front seat--LeSabre and Wildcat (standard 6200 cloth & vinyl)

This vehicle had the most unique rear swing out cargo door that followed the pointed contour of the Wildcat (LeSabre also) rear bumper. The rear cargo door was a real work of art.

The wheel rims were Buick's optional heavy duty riveted rims.

It was fun to drive this Wildcat, and load the rear area with car parts from junkyards, or simply put the groceries in the rear.

The car originally came from Richmond, Illinois, a small town in Northern Illinois. I sold it to someone living in the Northwest Chicago suburbs in 1982. Is this Wildcat still around? I would love to see it again (dead or alive). What an exciting way to be taken to the cemetery! In a '65 Wildcat!

AK Buickman, BCA #1955

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Here's a photo of one of the '65 Buick Flxibles that AK Buickman is referring to. I was checking auctions on '59 DeSoto promos on Ebay, and there is a promo dealer who always has old hearses and ambulances in the background of his promo photos. So, here is a promo of a '59 DeSoto with a real '65 Buick Flxible professional car in the background:


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