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Barney's Power Station Intall


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Barney did "power station" just inside the lid at the console lid hinge area. Plenty of wires to tap into that is not ignition controlled. Maybe he will weigh in with what he did.

 I mounted my power center under the dash where it meets the console. I did it that way to be able to have power for my GPS. 

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The location of the lighter makes is susceptible to things falling into it as well as drinks splashing in.....as Padgett noted it may be corroded.

By removing the center armrest liner, you can get to the underside of the lighter and its connection.   I would unplug it and then attempt cleaning

the contacts.... if in bad condition replace it.

My added outlets tap into the lighter wire.    I am attaching a photo of my solution which is probably 8 years old and there are surely some

newer versions with USB ports built in.  

The photo is the 1990-91 style storage bin....it has a step or shelf in the back that the accessory plug sits on.... the 88-89 does not have the shelf.

12V outlet.jpg

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I found this one on Amazon which looks effective and nice, But it "sadly" does not give dimensions.  It gives package dimensions of 6.2 inches.....soooo 6" or a little less maybe ???  How wide is yours please?


I actually think I asked you about this before (when you originally posted), and may have bought one like yours from Wal Mart...But don't know what I did with it if I did ??? :(:(:( 



YANTU 3 Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter 120W 3.1A Dual USB Cigarret Lighter Power Adapter with Voltage Display - 12V DC Outlet Car Charger for Mobile Devices
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Hmmmm....Padgett - In your link - not sure what you mean Sir......... is the little silver thingie at the bottom of the volt meter and or plug an on - off switch or just a electrical contact?


And if so will it fit the glove box dimensions please?  If so I will buy.

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It is an on-off switch. If displaying voltage it is on. If not it is off. These are all the same size but more than the thickness of a lighter socket, three docket diameters long,  and 2 USB sockets high. I generally put the "power center" between the passenger seat and the console.

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