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Tillotson Rebuilder?


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In the For What Its Worth category:


Most of the early bronze carbs, including Tillotson, had pot metal venturii. Virtually all rebuilds of these carbs should include a new venturi to be machined, unless it has already been replaced.


As far as Tillotson is concerned; many of the early Tillotsons used a "vane box" with steel vanes that deflected with the air velocity (basically an early variable venturi design) in the air intake. The Tillotson documentation stated these vanes should be tested for fatigue (they would stiffen with the flexing over time), replaced with new as required, and adjusted with a special Tillotson tool (which I have never seen, and I seek out and collect carburetor tools!) I also have never found documentation on the specifications of the steel used for the vanes.


I realize quite well that this site promotes originality, to which I generally agree. However, if I owned a car with one of these that I actually wanted to start the engine, rather than look at it; I would certainly NOT try starting it with a Tillotson carburetor.


But to answer the OP's question to the best of my knowledge, I am unaware of any professional that will touch one, other than the aftermarket JR series.



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Taking the above post 1 step further.


My records show the MV-1B of the OP to be original to a 1926 Star with a Continental W5 engine. A further check of the records show:


(1) In 6 years, Star tried 10 different Tillotson carburetors on the W5 - why?

(2) Checking the Continental records, most of the W5 engines went to Star and Durant, all using Tillotsons, but Oswald used a Continental W5 with a Stromberg SFM-1, part number 127-1, production number F-3673.



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Thanks for the advice.  I see a lot of these on 20's cars at Hershey so someone is doing them. I'll have to look into a replacement as I see your point about the vanes and the pot metal venturi.

I have seen some Durants with a Marvel-Schebler TSV or X from a Continental F-162 motor used in farm equipment.  I don't know how well the linkage adapts.

I'll post this on the Durant technical site and see if anyone has a carburetor upgrade.

Thanks again.

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