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Marvel Carb 10-103 Parts


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For anyone that can help Steve.  

    A 10-103 is a 1926-1929 Buick Standard carburetor.  The following pictures will help with ID of the parts.  

The metering pin and link drawing are from a 1925 Buick Standard.  The metering pin is a different part number.    The metering pin link is the same number, but if someone has this link that would be nice to not have to fabricate it.      Hugh



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Another guy who likely has what you need is Tony Bult.  His email address is tonybuick272829@gmail.com.  He has a lot of spare parts for 27 - 30 Buicks and specializes in 1929, which is the year  carburetor body that you have (10-103).  



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