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I am importing a car from Canada, British Columbia. I live on east cost of US. I am having a small, one man operation, friend transport the car for me. I will not be able to be with the car when it is brought across the boarder. The car is a Canadian made car, it is eighty eight years old. From what I understand, if I were to accompany the car across the boarder there would be no issues and the process is very straight forward. Where I am not with the car I am told I need a broker. I am hoping to find a broker that is familiar with importing antique cars from Canada, for someone using it for personal use. There is very little paper work required if I were with the car, the requirements seem to become quite complicated without the owner present. I am also getting conflicting answers when questioning about the process. Any help with this would be great. Thank you in advance

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I have used Border Buddy on a couple imports from Washington State to Canada. They have a Washington State office and a British Columbia office. They seem to be a reasonably good outfit.

The first transaction had a bit of a hiccup but it was a  slightly unusual import ; a race car, and the person was a bit new to that sort of import. The second one went very smoothly.

The broker fees are quite reasonable. And coming in to B.C. it  is mandatory to use a broker { U.S. Customs export process requirement} . For an import situation to the U.S. I have no experience.

Lots of Canadian cars heading South these days. { not a good thing from a Canadian car guy point of view } So I doubt it is too hard. 


Greg in Canada

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