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1924 Buick 45 ..Rear parking brake help..!


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Hi ..looking to get some pictures of what i need inside the rear drum brake..i know im missing the shoes ..but looks like theres something else that activates the shoes ..

there's nothing there ..so if anyone has a left and right complete set  for sale out there ..im interested..

Thanks for your time..




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Normally, there is an S cam that spreads the brake shoes apart and forces them against the drum.


This is an illustration of a modern truck air brake system but the S cam system would be very similar.

But instead of air twisting the rod with the S cam it would be a mechanical rod system connected directly to the brake pedal.

Same principle, though.


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I haven't noticed where you are located. But generally, '20s era Buick chassis parts should not be too difficult to find and get. The cars (for their era) were very good, and lasted a long time leaving many rusting hulks surviving well into the past half century. I know a few people in Califunny that have a lot of spare Buick parts. But I couldn't say who has what you need offhand. Twenty years ago, my dad had a lot of Buick stuff. You should be able to locate what you are missing for those brakes. And if Califunny isn't too far for you? Contact me, and I may be able to help you find them. There is a wonderful hobbyist just a few miles South of me that has rebuilt a few '20s Buicks. (His dad just passed away, and had a wonderful '28 Buick Master roadster! But I think they had some earlier parts as well?)

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 Wow... I think you have been robbed! No emergency brake hardware. Here are some photos of the Standard set up to check on. Of course the parts will not be interchangeable with your larger car.  I will send you the parts book page with the emergency brake parts to help identify.  Check with Fred Rawling as he should have some rear axles around. We will see what is in the big box Mark Shaw is picking up for us.DSCF1393.thumb.JPG.bb7ebcd014b5ed8e90a90e58c717b911.JPG

Reference for brake set up. 


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Hi there ..

i was able to talk to Oregon Desert guy .. Kevin and he Already send me a set of Inner emergency brake Bands..

He's The Guy you want to have as a next door  neighbor ..!!  to bad he's too far..!

let's see if that will take care of the situation here ..

thank you for the reply do.

today i was able to finish the other rear wheel..!  what a job man,,!   and i'm not doing a Concourse car here ..! just to make it look a bit more presentable..

maybe tomorrow  my rad shell will be ready from the Nickle plating ..i'm anxious to see it ..!


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