Jim Wellock

Herschell-Spillman 4 cylinder engine

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I am interested in information/specifications of a 4 cylinder Herschell-Spillman engine.  Have been told that my unidentified antique chassis may have this engine.

Characteristics include:  aluminum crank case, oil pan, bell housing;  cast iron 4 cylinder block and head, cyl. bore 3 1/4 inches, cyl. stroke 5 inches, priming cups, Disco 12 volt starter, 2 blade fan/flat belt, Connecticut ignition, 2 part headered exhaust manifold right side of engine, camshaft operated oil pump with oil from oil pan to front cam gear, water cooled by thermosyphon, lubricated multiple disc/wet clutch and engine identification tag on left side of crank case is missing.




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