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  1. WTB Parts, engines and / or memorabilia relating to the Herschell Spillman Motor co. Our museum is looking to enhance our collection to better tell the storey of this once great company.
  2. We have a 1922 version of the Herschell Spillman four cyl at our museum in North Tonawanda. There is also a 1918 version at the Buffalo Transportation Museum in Buffalo N.Y. If you goolgle " image of Herschell Spillman four cyl. engine" you will find lots of pics to compare your motor to.
  3. Thanks for sharing. We have one of those along with several other original era ads. Really hoping to find an engine or related factory stuff.
  4. We at the Allan Herschell Carousel Factory Museum are searching for Herschell Spillman Motor Co. engines, parts, engine assembly stands, and /or memorabilia associated with the company. From 1901 to 1924 more than 200,000 engines were built at the North Tonawanda plant for cars, boats, trucks and farm tractors. We have been searching for articles for display and archival use to help tell the story of this early manufacturer which was an offshoot of the carousel company.
  5. Ichave a 46 studebaker truck and have an aftermarket gas tank and need to match a sending unit to the gauge. Anyone know the ohms, or have a proper sending unit. I used one from a 48 Chevy and the gauge reads halfway OK but as the float goes toward full the gauge drops back to zero. Any thoughts?
  6. 1927 S I am interested in what looks like a Peerless V8 motor partial block assy. Please contact me at jjd2252@hotmail.com. thanks John D.
  7. 1927 S I am interested in what looks like a Peerless V8 motor partial block assy. Please contact me at jjd2252@hotmail.com. thanks John D.
  8. searching for 1917 Peerless V8 engine parts, any parts, any condition.
  9. we are searching for peerless V8 engineparts to restore a 1917 engine we have at the Allan Herschell Museum Please contact us at jjd2252@hotmail.com if you can help
  10. Hello, I am associated with the Allan Herschell Museum and we are researching the history of the motor co that supplied engines to over 80 auto manufacturers between 1901 and 1924. We have very little left from a company that produced a half million engines and once employed hundreds of workers. We are asking anyone with any knowledge of H-S equipped cars and/ or memorabilia to share with us.
  11. Our archives at the Herschell Museum have precious little about the earlier HS engines but we do know this; prior to 1917 Chief Engineer Ed Spillman and his team designed and manufactured several four and six cylinder engines for many different applications, auto, marine, amusement rides and aviation. In 1917 the new model Spillman 4 and Spillman 6 engines were introduced and manufactured until the company went bankrupt in 1924. The v8 was introduced in 1915 and we have factory photos showing them being assembled in North Tonawanda as late as 1917. There are several newspaper and trade journal
  12. Herschell museum in North Tonawanda looking for any information, parts, or factory memorabilia to supplement our archives and hopefully add to our future engine history display
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