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Dual carbs.backfiring


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Hi,New to this forum but trying to help my son out. He has a nice 69 Ghia with a 1776? cc,mild cam,new coil and dist.and dual Kadrons.New gas tank. When cold especially it backfires and runs rough under power shooting flames out of the exhaust.What could be a possible cause? New intake gaskets also.Thanks,Greg.

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I'm a little confused, you say backfire out the exhaust?  technically a backfire is through the carbs; afterfire is through the exhaust. 


Afterfire is pretty rare and is more likely to be a timing issue, wouldn't entirely discount carbs but more inclined to look at timing particularly when you mention cam,coil and distributor; assuming these have been newly installed  ?

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54 minutes ago, mike6024 said:

Timing is way off, or the carb mixture is way too rich.


Timing off is much more likely. Timing is probably retarded, meaning it needs to be advanced. Get a timing light and check it yourself, don't take it back to the shop.




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