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1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - not mine

Dan O

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This car is for sale in north part of Houston.  It is an early production '49 with the lower sloping trunk lid.  I have seen it here in north Houston and it's a really nice 76C but it has minor cosmetic issues that do not show in the photos.  The door panels are very nice originals IMHO.  Seats and carpet are new.  Lot's of really nice chrome work.  It was priced at $58k last week and now it's at $65k for some reason.  I have some photos I took if anyone is interested.







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Ad Reads: Current owner for the last 24 years. Extensive restoration work completed. New top, all chrome replated. Excellent interior. Black paint with burgundy interior and tan top showcases this beautiful Buick Roadmaster convertible. Fireball straight 8 cylinder engine, dynaflow transmission, power windows and power top.



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